Sunday, April 29, 2012

Aren't Mothers day flowers overpriced?

Ever question the price you pay for flowers? And why would someone want to spend $60 on flowers with me, when they can spend $30 at proflowers or ftd? I like and welcome questions like that. They're very honest and upfront. My answer is simple. All $60 of you order with me goes to flowers and includes a container and a premium card. On a major site, you'll still end up paying an additional $30 in fees, card and container. For the same price, you get half the quality. Here's what I got rung up for while trying to buy an arrangement from

For my mom I chose the deluxe Mom's Smiles and Sunshine, which includes 12 assorted roses and alstromeria. The funny thing is, I counted more than 12 roses in the image and it's supposed to be only one side of the arrangement, meaning for it to look like it does in the picture you'd need at least 24 roses.

But let's talk about the price at checkout:

Order Total:

Deluxe Mom's Smiles & Sunshine: $49.98
Happy Mother's Day Card: $2.99
Large Ginger(container): $6.99
Standard Delivery $11.99
Guaranteed May 11th Delivery $4.99
Care & Handling $2.99
Tax: $7.59
TOTAL: $87.52

With Studio 3, I chose the Kathleen arrangement for my mom. It is 10 stems of premium "mambo" spray roses, 10 stems of hot pink tulips, 2 stems hypericum and 3 exotic leaves. Included is the container and a full sized card.

Here's my checkout price:

Order total:

"Kathleen" arrangement: $49.50 (on sale until the 2nd of May!)
Container: included
Premium card: included
Delivery: $7.00
Tax: $5.36
TOTAL: 61.68

Also, the wire service that sends the order to your local florist to fill takes a rather large chunk of the money that goes to your flowers. This gives your local florist less to work with and gives you fewer or subpar flowers. This isn't your local florists fault, because they only received a portion of the $50 you spent.

I understand that not all of you are able to get your mothers day flowers through Studio 3, but if you do decide to get flowers, call your local florist directly. All of your purchase will go toward your flowers, giving you more bang for your buck, and the money you spend will help your local economy.

Most importantly, give the mama in your life a big hug on Mother's Day. And maybe a foot rub. And chocolate. And a mimosa. :) She deserves it!

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