Saturday, December 31, 2011

Flowers for Luanne

Let me tell you a Christmas story.  Well, it's a story that happened on Christmas.  It's not a very good one.  On Christmas day, my wonderful Aunt got in a terrible car accident.  Her new car, which she had for about a month, was totaled.  Roughly a year before the accident, she had a major neck surgery that took a long time to recover from.  This accident completely ruined that surgery.  The screws they put in were everywhere they shouldn't have been, the cage was messed up.  Pretty much a complete disaster.  We typically have Christmas dinner over at her house and she LOVES hosting.  Not being able to host was very difficult for her.  She was in pain the entire time because all the pharmacies were closed and the hospital wouldn't fill her prescription.  Basically it was a big bummer for Auntie Luanne.  She needed some serious cheering up.

Her Birthday is on New Years Eve, so I seized the opportunity to cheer her up and let her know she's loved and that her family is praying for her.  Zoe even "decorated" her card.  I didn't get a picture of it, but it was as decorated as a one year old could decorate it.  It was cute.  She scribbled about twice and then got distracted by some lint on the floor. I love being a mommy.  Anyway, the flowers!

Orange Finesse roses, Motzart Callas, red freesia, green mini cymbidium orchids and aspidistra leaf.  We love you Aunt Luanne!!  Thank you Kristin Boyett Photography for the amazing pictures!

My sweet aunt then sent me this:

Awwwww....thanks Luanne!  Oh! And you can see Zoe's artwork on the envelope.  :)  How about a picture of my cute little nugget?

I love it when she makes that face.  Happy New Year everyone!